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#SparkleVoxBox review (how I get free stuff)

If you’ve taken a casual scroll through my Instagram (@mylivingbeautiful) then you’ve probably seen that I’ve been the recipient of lots of products sent to me for free. Most of this is sent to me absolutely gratis thanks to this awesome company called Influenster.

In exchange for your honest opinion, Influenster will send you “VoxBoxes” which are little cardboard boxes filled with goodies intended for you to test out and give a review (good or bad) on the product’s website. There are usually a few more tasks for you to complete – like posting on social media – and these are found under the VoxBox “campaign.” Once you complete the tasks in the campaign, you’re in the running for more VoxBoxes.

It’s a really simple way to get free stuff sent right to your mailbox, plus you get to try new products. I’ve received hundreds of dollars in free stuff, all for the exchange of my honest opinion and some reviews. Hint: the more you review, the more likely you are to get more VoxBoxes!

And now, here’s a look inside the most recent VoxBox I received:

sparklevoxbox6unnamed (9)

The #SparkleVoxBox is a beauty-themed VoxBox targeted for women to prep their beauty routines for fall and, in particular, Halloween (yes, I know, I’m a little late on this one). The box includes six products; I’m not going to go into a full, detailed review of each one, but rather give a quick summary of what the product is, my likes and dislikes, and if I would purchase it.


Numi Organic Tea Holistic Teasans 

Call me another #basic autumn cliche, but I was super excited to get some more tea to try and get me in the fall spirit! The six-pack variety of tea bags came in a cute, well designed box, expressing quotes that inspire its users to “embrace holistic well-being.” Each tea itself has a different mantra which includes messages marked on the box like, “Purpose powers possibility” and “Presence takes practice.”
LIKES: I love that this tea supports fair trade and is made organice and non-GMO. I also really like that the packaging is made of biodegradable materials. There is a good variety of tea (caffeinated/non-caffeinated and morning/evening). Plus, the box included a $1.00 off coupon and 15% off coupon code with NO EXPIRATION!
DISLIKES: I really have nothing to complain about here!


Welch’s Fruit Rolls

The popular fruit juice and fruit snack takes on a new form – rolls!!! In all honesty, I wasn’t too psyched about these for myself; I can’t stand getting chewy, sticky stuff stuck in my teeth and gummies of any sort have never been my thing. But I was excited for my family to try them! I can get my 16 month old to comply to just about anything with bribery in the form of fruit snacks (#momhacks). Anyway, Influenster sent me three flavors (clockwise, from upper left, as pictured): Berry, Tropical Punch, and White Grape Strawberry.
LIKES: They claim to be made with (mostly) natural flavors and naturally-derived dyes (which is mostly true, according to the ingredients). The White Grape Strawberry was my favorite.
DISLIKES: Berry was my least favorite, with the flavor reminding me of the awful little cough drops my mom used to give me when I was a kid. Oh, and the STICKINESS! These things were so incredibly sticky it not only made eating them almost unbearable, but peeling them off the parchment paper-like wrapper was like peeling gum off of hot asphalt.
WOULD I PURCHASE IT? No. Never again do I want to experience that sticky mess all for one measly fruit roll. Nor do I want to suffer the aftermath of my daughter when she’s eaten it all.


Crest 3D White Whitening Therapy Enamel Care Toothpaste

Okay, after those damn fruit rolls I needed a good mouth-cleaning! And I’m assuming Influenster figured after hoards of Halloween candy, the rest of the US could use one too. Hence, my assumption of why they included a toothpaste in the #SparkleVoxBox.
LIKES: The past foamed up really nicely when I started brushing, but didn’t cause so much bubbling that I had to spit every five seconds. The peppermint flavor was also super pleasant and not too strong, giving my breath a fresh aftertaste. My teeth felt super slick and clean after, like I’d just come from the dentist!
DISLIKES: The texture of my gums started to get a little funky afterward. It felt as if my gums were shedding a layer.. I know that sounds bizarre, but this sometimes happens to me when I use a whitening toothpaste! Anybody else experience this too?? P.S. The gum shedding was not worth it; my teeth had not been visibly whitened after several uses.
WOULD I PURCHASE IT? Probably not. That is only because I’m a cheap ass and the MSRP is valued at $7.99. Also, not a fan of the thing it does to my gums.

SinfulColors Night of the Living Red Collection in If You’ve Got It, Haunt It

Again, I know I’m a little late on posting this since Halloween has long since come and gone, but I’m still going to wear this glitter polish! I think the combination of dark colors with little pops of rustic orange and bright flecks of glitter look so cool. I also think this would make a great New Years Eve polish! I’ll be wearing this as a top coat over a dark, red-wine colored polish I’m already sporting when it needs a little touch-up.
LIKES: The combination of rustic fall colors and bright pops of glitter. I also love how the size of glitter chunks has good variation.
DISLIKES: No complaints here!
WOULD I PURCHASE IT? As much as I like the color, its more of a seasonal shade. I do like the brand and its affordability so I might purchase from SinfulColors.


KISS Lashes Faux Mink Collection in Gala

First thought about these lashes was “Wow, if I ever wear these I won’t be able to keep my eyelids open!!” Once upon a time I was an avid eyelash wearer, but these days a couple coats of mascara gets the job done for me. I’m not sure if I’ll ever wear these; whether its for lack of occasion or slight intimidation.
LIKES: Drama, drama, drama! These lashes scream for attention and I think they’re perfect for adding a “wow!” effect to any costume or special occasion.
DISLIKES: These are a bit too dramatic for everyday wear, which is a little disappointing. Maybe I’ll break them out for NYE…
WOULD I PURCHASE IT? Not this style, but probably a different KISS lash style.

unnamed (2)

Garnier SkinActive The Gentle Sulfate-Free Cleanser

With my recent attempts at using a cleaner and safer skincare regime, I was really excited about receiving this cleanser in the VoxBox! Facial cleansers are one of the few products that I fully commit to (in other words, I don’t cycle out through my routine on a monthly basis) so with this full-sized sample I’m ready to add it into a daily cleansing basis.
LIKES: Obviously, the size (a whopping 13.5 fluid ounces!!!) is a huge bonus. I also love that this cleanser is sulfate, oil, soap, alcohol, and fragrance free! It is super gentle on my skin and doesn’t leave it feeling dry or stripped after use.
DISLIKES: This cleanser is not the best at removing makeup, as it claims to do on the packaging. It also lacks a good bubbly foaming effect which I prefer in facial cleansers.
WOULD I PURCHASE IT? If I see a consistent result in happiness from my skin, then yes!


There you have it! A full, in-detail review of every product I received in the Influenster Sparkle VoxBox. My favorite product received in this box was definitely the tea sampler from Nubi, which I’ve been indulging in regularly. If you have any questions on how you can become part of the Influenster community, please send me an email or comment below and I’d be more than happy to answer your questions!

Xo, Alyssa

3 thoughts on “#SparkleVoxBox review (how I get free stuff)

  1. I received this same VoxBox, except I got a different nail polish than you did. I like yours better. The polish I got just went on clear, with no color at all.

    I love Welch’s fruit snacks, but I share the same opinion as you about their fruit rolls. Way too sticky! I’ll stick with Fruit by the Foot if I want a fruit roll up.

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