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5 steps to get the best hair ever, today

  Regardless of if you are an air-dry, beach waves type of girl or weekly blowout with high-maintenance highlights, achieving the best hair ever is totally doable. It doesn't require expensive products or adding on hours to your routine, either. Just use these simple steps the next time you're due for a washing and let… Continue reading 5 steps to get the best hair ever, today

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2-step meal prep: a beginner’s guide

What pops up when you type #mealprep into your social media search bar? Food storage boxes packed with ground turkey, cubed sweet potatoes and vibrant strings of green beans all nestled together; bulk packages of the trendiest health foods posed for a photo-op on a kitchen counter; a shot taken from above of someone's grocery… Continue reading 2-step meal prep: a beginner’s guide

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#SparkleVoxBox review (how I get free stuff)

If you've taken a casual scroll through my Instagram (@mylivingbeautiful) then you've probably seen that I've been the recipient of lots of products sent to me for free. Most of this is sent to me absolutely¬†gratis thanks to this awesome company called Influenster. In exchange for your honest opinion, Influenster will send you "VoxBoxes" which… Continue reading #SparkleVoxBox review (how I get free stuff)

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Having a baby without breaking the bank, part 1: before the arrival

"Babies are expensive." is an old saying that, whenever I hear, I like to rephrase to: "Babies¬†can be expensive." Many mothers choose to stay home with their children while their partners take on full responsibility of being the income provider. On the other hand, there is a continually growing amount of women who choose to… Continue reading Having a baby without breaking the bank, part 1: before the arrival

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All-time favorite skincare products

After years of experimenting with numerous skincare products, I can say I've found my ride-or-dies. These products have totally transformed my skin's appearance and feel, and only require a few basic steps each day. Bonus: everything you are about to see is paraben-free, phthalate-free and cruelty-free, with many containing all the nourishing organic ingredients your… Continue reading All-time favorite skincare products